Winner of AIFIN 2009 Prize 'Banca e Territorio'

To give value to the regions and to their communities

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The development of regions is one of our statutory objectives. We are aware, of course, that we cannot act in isolation in achieving this objective; rather we must work together with others with a common objective. The “Art and culture for discovery” project is the answer; it has been created by Alphabeti on behalf of BCC Mediocrati. It is a project that aims to be both a service and a challenge.

It is a service because we are confident that there is a good opportunity for marketing the regions. Tourists, scholars, lovers and inhabitants of this land, all around the world, will appreciate the new tools of discovery that will increase the knowledge of these historic landmarks. It is a challenge, because we know that human works are just one link of a chain. We are confident that more links will join our chain. We have committed ourselves to bringing to the world stage, through use of the Web, landmarks and lesser known works. We hope to share very soon, this journey with many partners, not only organisations.

The virtual tour you are about to enter will focus on a variety of historical landmarks in every village where our institution offices are available.

In the three historical villages,Bisignano, Luzzi and Rota Greca, we chose The Sant’Umile Monastery, the Sambucina Abbey, and the Chiesa Madre. In Cosenza we have focused on the Rendano Theatre; in Montalto Uffugo the cathedral; in Rende the Civic Museum, in Lattarico the Immaculate Church, in Acri the Museum of Contemporary Art; in Rose the Santissima Annunziata church and finally in San Giovanni in Fiore the Florense Abbey. Our choices, of course, do not claim to represent art and history of our land as a whole. Our aim was to provide direction for attention and provide an impulse to these initiatives.

We do believe that man’s life is not only composed of material goods, although they are important. Sometimes it becomes essential to commit oneself to creating links to services and systems that make use of what already exists, but which has not always been promoted or enhanced.

With this project BCC Mediocrati, as usual, direct its energies to give value to the regions and to the communities that bring it to life.

Rende, january 2010
The Chairman
Nicola Paldino

photo of Nicola PaldinoNicola Paldino
Chairman of BCC Mediocrati