Winner of AIFIN 2009 Prize 'Banca e Territorio'

Ancient city of the Bruzi, newly baptized the Atene of Calabria for its academy, Cosenza climbs a rigid slope from which it dominates the Valley of the Crati. Parting from the foot of the hills with the Castle Svevo as destination, which crowns the summit, you remain enchanted by the numerous witnesses of the long artistic story of the town: the Duomo with its ancient icon of the Madonna del pilerio, la beautiful XV March square with the statue dedicated to the philosopher Bernadino Telesio, the glorious Theatre Rendano and the imposing Fort of Federico II of Sweden.

Seven hills and two rivers, the Crati and the Busento for a city that has provided the birth place of illustrious men such as Benardino Telesio which of Cosenza said; 'My delightful city could do quite well without me, but it is I that could not do without her. She that runs in my veins and that I love'. But Cosenza is also the city where the terrible King of the Visigoths, Alarico and the courageous Bandiera brothers found their deaths.