Winner of AIFIN 2009 Prize 'Banca e Territorio'

Known as the ancient Besidiae, Bisignano has been conquered many times, each conqueror leaving evidence of his passing through. Bisignano, a hill-top village located at the borders of Sila Greca, is traversed by the river Crati and its tributaries Duglia and Mucone. Along the river Duglia, the landscape is characterised by natural and environmental aspects, which are of particular interest for tourists. Of particular interest are the presence of ancient windmills, Mediterranean flora and fauna, and trekking routes.

A village of art and culture, and an ancient Episcopal site, in its historical centre you can find noble palaces built around the XVII and XVIII centuries, although a substantial part of the heritage listed sites have been destroyed by multiple earthquakes. The churches are very characteristic, with the most important being the Convento della Riforma church, which safeguard the relics of the monk Umile, declared a saint in May 2002 by Pope John Paul II.